The fact that Hip Hop Colony scooped one of the most prestigious awards in the independent Film circuits in the World at the Hip Hop Odyssey Film Festival, was worthy of a grand style homecoming ceremony.

Kenyans did just that when they gave the film a grand style reception at the prominent Nu Metro Cinema in Nairobi, where the film kicked off with one of the first red carpet events for a movie in Kenya.

At hand were a vast majority of the Kenyan Celebes from all camps. Those in attendance included the who's who from both the elite entertainment circle as well as the corporate World. This was a once in a lifetime event where all camps were settled under one roof, beefs aside as they celebrated a milestone in Kenya's music and film chapter helping to legitimize the industry.

The star studded event gave a unique opportunity for artists from different camps, not only to chat with each other but to interact with their fans at ease. Pinky from 98.4 Capital FM, who were the primary media sponsors, ushered patrons into the theatre after some commentaries from renowned artists such as Dobeez aka Abbas and Prezzo among others, prior to grabbing some pop corn to settle in for the screening.

Smirnoff Kenya (KBL) and Coca Cola corporate heads equally graced the event and had their products at hand to be sampled at the elaborate cocktail. The diverse crowd had both the young and the old present, to celebrate this cinematic landmark.  The backdrop music played at the venue, provided by the Homeboyz, was well executed to the theme of the night “From then till Now” as it journeyed into classic cuts like Hardstone's ‘Uhiki' amongst many others. The pioneers Kalamashaka (Ukoo Fulani Mau Mau) and Dobeez closed the night with a rousing performance

The press and the Kenyans have embraced the film, through it's one month journey of screenings, where it showed at different Nu Metro theatre's across the country and wowed audiences. The films intensity was magnified by the heavy rotation on T.V and Radio as well as print media. The film closed at the Kisumu's Nu Metro Theatre, prior to heading to South Africa for the African Film Festival also hosted by Nu Metro.