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EAST BAY EXPRESS say's...The Colony Raps Back

"Hip-Hop is reborn in so many forms, and the evolution has to be documented. Hip-Hop Colony does just that by showing the raw, authentic side of hip-hop in Kenya." - Clover Hope - XXL Magazine

Like the classic early-'80s American films Wild Style and Style Wars, Hip Hop Colony is a historical document, capturing a fast-developing culture at a seminal moment in time
- Erick K. Arnold East Bay express

"HHC is an in-depth look into the origins, identities, and cultural power Hip Hop music has fostered in Kenya, while creating a global perspective that will influence many directors and producers for years to come." -Darryl Phillips, Publisher BLOW! Magazine & DVD

Hip Hop Colony is an educational well-paced gem which should be included in high school and college curriculum's across the globe in an effort to dispel stereotypes about our kinship, Kenya, and about African Diaspora  - Vanessa Morman Houston Black Film Festival

Hip Hop Colony is a film that any person interested in learning about the global impact of rap must see!!  - Adisa Banjoko, author "Lyrical Swords Vol. 1: Hip Hop and Politics in the Mix"

Hip-hop Colony captures the power and influence of Hip-hop on Kenyan youth culture and how viable Hip-hop is to connect with  African youth. - Lidet Tilahun Director, Harvard University's African Hip-hop Research Project W.E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

"Hip-hop Colony proved to be a thought-provoking film, which surprised us all at the Hutuz Film Festival. Chosen to be the opening film of the festival simply due to the elements presented, like Hip Hop, Africa and cultural transformation, it ended up instigating a 1h30 long spontaneous debate between the audience after the session. For us, Brazilians, "Hip Hop Colony" created a bridge for comparison, a possibility of drawing parallels between the path of Hip Hop in Brazil and in other third world countries like Kenya. Its differences and similarities." - Fabiana Comparato, producer of the Hutuz Film Festival 2005, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This piece is Chock-a-block with exclusive interviews with Kenya's major hip hop players who explain just how explosive and far-reaching the industry is presently - GA freelance writer